Our Pebble and Decorative Rock range boasts an exceptional spectrum for all your landscaping needs. Our Ice Rock is a popular product used in driveways, garden beds, pathways and more - its cool, crisp white tones compliment any surrounding. Pink Rock is a unique product offering a colour injection into any landscape. It’s natural appearance with red, pink and cream hues can be used as a subtle decorative rock or used as a more prominent feature display. Our choice of 'Granites' offer a versatile option for large scale landscaping needs, either as a sealing solution or base aggregate. Pebbles have a multitude of uses in residential and large scale construction developments. With landscaping being one of the most popular industries utilising pebbles, they’re also heavily used for decorative concrete work and the like. Pebbles offer a great solution for long-lasting finishes that stand the test of time.

Our range of pebbles is highly recommended for decorative landscaping in conjunction with concrete work and aggregate solutions. Our pebble range is graded in a variation of sizes, to define the best use in gardens, commercial landscapes and tailored projects like Gabion cages and more.

Pebbles are used as a highly effective mulching solution due to the ability to block sunlight and increase water retention - reducing weeds and enhancing overall soil health. Our range of pebble products are fantastic when used in courtyards, pathways, residential driveways, concrete work and more - the possibilities are endless! Offering longevity in appearance, pebbles are a great investment for projects of all sizes - creating a cost-effective solution all year round.